POPS A DENT, DIY Dent and Ding Removal Kit

It is common for cars to crash and sag in the process of use. The first thing many car owners think of is to repair by themselves. At this time, they need to repair by hand with the help of car puller. The car puller for sag repair is inexpensive and very convenient to use.

It is necessary to clean the sunken part before repairing the sunken part of the car, so as to ensure a better adhesion effect of the sucker. Then put the special glue into the glue gun, turn on the power and preheat for about 5 minutes. In the preheating process, the appropriate position of suction cup and adhesive suction cup can be selected according to the degree of depression. The larger the suction cup is, the greater the traction force is. Generally, the adhesive position of suction cup is judged according to the shape of depression, and the area of depression is mostly selected several positions for adhesive suction cup. After preheating the glue gun, evenly coat the suction cup with the glue gun, quickly stick it into the concave position, and gently press it until the suction cup is fixed. Then align the hole in the middle of the traction bridge with the suction cup, put the nut on the screw rod of the suction cup and tighten it. Then turn the nut all the time and pull it out with a little force until the depression is leveled. After the repair, remove the puller, remove the suction cup from the body, and then spray alcohol on the residual glue. At this time, you can judge the effect of dent repair in the sun!

The above is how to use the automobile dent repair puller. The use of automobile dent repair puller can not guarantee the repair effect, and not all dents can be repaired with this tool. The puller is only suitable for repairing relatively gentle dents. Some dents with large or irregular shape need to be repaired with lever tools in professional repair shops. As long as the paint doesn't fall off and the dent depth is within the repairable range, it can be repaired without painting. Once the body paint is damaged, you can only go to the auto repair shop for sheet metal painting!

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